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Passive Therapies

Fairlawn Family Chiropractic offers the following passive therapies to compliment your chiropractic care.

Interferntial Therapy

Our office offers the latest in High Quality muscle stimulation known as “Interferential Therapy”. Specifically Dyantronics. This is utilized primarily before an adjustment, but in some cases after, to help relax tense and tired muscles. It reduces pain sensation and can enhance the Chiropractic Adjustment.


Helps to accelerate healing through micro-massage of the treated area. Great for Acute and Painful situations.

Pulsed Laser

Helps to accelerate healing through stimulation of the Mitochondria (Power Plants) of the cells. Enhancing cellular metabolism and enhancing healing time.

Moist Heat

Provided to patients prior to the Adjustment. Moist heat is beneficial by penetrating deep into the muscles and tissue and allowing for increased Oxygenation of the tissues and promoting a relaxing feeling prior to the adjustment. This is often combined with above therapies.


Used to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process.

Spinal Axial Decompression

Computer assisted traction to allow accelerated healing to the low back and neck. Works very well for degenerative disc disease, foraminal encroachment, bulging and herniated discs. We offer this service at a fraction of the cost of most other offices and therapists.

Active Physical Therapy

Stretching, strengthening, core stabilization, and postural exercises are demonstrated thoroughly using low-tech, take-home rehab devices that will enable you to take control of your own recovery, spinal stability and health.

Our patients have more energy, sleep better, feel better, get sick less, complain less, and are genuinely more happy and healthy through care and a healthy lifestyle. We care about that and we care about you. Contact us today!