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Meet Dr. Matthew Pramik

Owner of Fairlawn Family Chiropractic

Discovery a Family Secret

Dr. Matthew Pramik

Dr. Matthew Pramik

When I was just 15, I developed debilitating pain in the lower back and legs that was frequent and caused me to miss out on some sports and activities. Nine months of agony and visits to several “specialists” proved ineffective and the frustrations and pain continued to wear on me. One day, my parents suggested I visit this “old time chiropractor” that had worked a “miracle” on my grandmother and many people in my family. Off to the chiropractor I went.

My entire first experience and subsequent ones were awe-inspiring to me. First of all, my Chiropractor was completely blind and used his hands and knowledge to treat me. He had an amazing attitude and a great gift.  It was, and he is still amazing!  The moment I received my first adjustment, I felt the energy re-enter the lower part of my body which had been disconnected for what seemed to be forever. I told my parents that this is something special and that I really would like to be able to help people like this someday.

My mom and dad thought it was purely a short burst of excitement that would soon fade, but for me, it was something much more.

Becoming a Chiropractor

I quickly started my career path toward becoming a chiropractor right out of high school. I attained a Bachelor of Human Biology from Kent State University while working as a chiropractic assistant at a local office.

Accepted to Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, MO, I’m proud of its strong commitment to educating students and its rigorous clinical program. To this day, I am extremely grateful for my ever-growing education.  I now serve as a preceptor doctor to the college and provide guidance for final semester chiropractic students completing their doctorate degree.

Neck Surgery/My New Normal

Following a near devastating rear end collision in 2013 and cervical surgery as a means to heal, I am more appreciative of my life and Chiropractic care more than ever. I truly believe that if I were not in such good health through regular treatments and lifestyle choices (before and after the trauma), that I would not be practicing Chiropractic today.

I’m finding myself defining my new normal as we speak. I count my blessing often and remain positive.  My ability to utilize Chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise as a means to regain health is paying off.  I am happy to say that I am back!!

My daughter Emma is now 17. She is beautiful and talented in sports and science. She plays volleyball and enjoys running. It’s great to be her father and I love spending time with her whenever possible.

I firmly believe that regular adjustments, organic living, stretching, exercise, water intake, and positive mental attitude are all required to live vibrantly. Therefore, I practice these principles.

All about the Pooches

I have two Boston Terriers and a French/English Bulldog that make our office fun and sometimes a bit crazy. Gus, Elvis, and Frenchie are our formal greeters.  They interact with most patients, however we have to occasionally gate them off for those with pet allergies, or  for those who are timid around animals. Just let us know.  The dogs and I love our daily walks and going to the park over lunch breaks. They are truly lovable and will bring a smile to your face. Please let us know in advance if you have animal sensitivities, we will do our best to make you comfortable.

Many principles of health apply to our canine friends as well.  I perform treatments on the dogs as necessary and utilize laser treatments on them if they are injured.  They eat Blue brand dog food.  Dogs seem to need adjustments much less often than humans. Perhaps it’s their happy, energetic, and fun-filled lives that contribute to them maintaining their adjustments so well!

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